Thanks to additional support from the Kyiv Lights Festival’s sponsors, the international festival of light and media arts increased the 2018 prize pool for the 3D video mapping contest.

The total prize pool is now 270,000 UAH. The first place winner will get 135,000 UAH. The second place winner will take home 80,000 UAH, and third place will be worth 55,000 UAH.

Kyiv Lights Festival invites all artists from across the globe to participate. To enter the contest, artists need to submit their entries by March 10. Projects selected by the international jury will be projected onto the River Port building during the festival.

The second international festival of light and media arts Kyiv Lights Festival will take place in the Ukrainian capital on May 18-20. This grand event will transform the city’s architecture and feature the work of video designers, lighting artists, VJs, and modern artists. More than 200,000 Kyiv residents and tourists visited last year’s KLF, which became one of Ukraine’s brightest art events in 2017.